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Agent Incentives

To show our appreciation for the effort and passion our agents put into their business, we’ve created multiple programs and ways to reward them. Hard work and dedication do not go unnoticed at The Alliance. If you join our team, you could be rewarded through one or more of the following incentive programs!


Greece Horses Each year The Alliance offers an all-expense paid vacation to agents who have proven that they’re committed to being successful with NAA®. Some of these trips have included cruises to the Bahamas and the Greek Isles, adventures in Banff, Canada, and fun in the sun in Aruba, Fiji, Cabo and more! Our event planners only choose luxury accommodations so that you get the full Alliance experience no matter where you are! To find out more about how to join us on an upcoming trip, visit

The Alliance Ring of Champions

Ring of Champions When an agent is inducted into The Alliance Ring of Champions, they’ve joined the rankings of the top agents – some of the best in the country. Earn your promotion as an Alliance Board Member and you’ll receive a trophy, gold ring and a cash prize at a national award ceremony. Those in the Ring of Champions are also invited to join exclusive trips and training opportunities.

The Good Samaritan Bonus Program

Would you like to earn money for charity simply by doing your job? At The Alliance, we help people with life insurance everyday – but we don’t stop there. We also give away $1,000 checks to the charity of your choice if you reach a set monthly sales goal for at least three consecutive months. You have the opportunity to earn several of these checks a year! We’ve given away more than $95,000 to charities since the program started in 2013 and we don’t intend to slow down! To learn more about this program, please visit

Elite Ladies of The Alliance

Elite LadiesIn many industries, including insurance, women haven’t been given a chance to rise to the top business rankings or they haven’t been recognized for their achievements. The Alliance does things differently, so we created a program called Elite Ladies of The Alliance. Women who get over $100,000 issued paid in one year are recognized at a national award ceremony with an exclusive diamond lapel pin! These ladies also have special training sessions and conference calls.


Because we partner with so many amazing carriers and we have so many awesome agents, The Alliance is able to have at least one contest running almost at all times. Prizes include everything from extensions to our trips to lead credits, t-shirts, designer sunglasses, TVs, laptops, iPads, watches, gift cards, books, helicopter rides to a weekend away at The Albright Leadership Cabin.


RecognitionAt The Alliance, you won’t be a person forgotten about behind a cubicle. You could be a celebrity! When agents put forth tremendous effort and dedication into their business, we make sure that everyone knows their name so others can follow suit. You can be recognized in company email blasts, HotSpot meetings, at award ceremonies, on our websites, in videos produced by AMP Studios, and even on our live show, The Wednesday Call. You can even have your photo hanging up at The Alliance Headquarters. Some agents even get to speak on stage and run training sessions at our national events! We respect and honor those who work hard, so join The Alliance team today and get the recognition you deserve!

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